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10 +2 examination with 45% marks in aggregate or equivalent examinationOR Any other examination with 45% marks in aggregate, recognized as equivalent to above by the Guru Nanak Dev University.

Semester I

  • BBA-101English (Compulsory)
  • BBA-102 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi
  • BBA-103 Basic Accounting
  • BBA-104 Business Organization and Systems
  • BBA-105 Managerial Economics- I
  • BBA-106 Computer Applications for Business-I
  • BBA-107 Business Communication

Semester II

  • BBA-201 English (Compulsory)
  • BBA-202 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi
  • BBA-203 Business Laws
  • BBA-204 Principles of Management
  • BBA-205 Managerial Economics- II
  • BBA-206 Computer Applications for Business-II
  • BBA-207 Viva-Voce

Semester III

  • BBA-301English (Compulsory)
  • BBA-302 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
  • BBA-303 Statistics for Business
  • BBA-304 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • BBA-305 Fundamentals of Marketing Management
  • BBA-306 Indian Financial System
  • BBA-307 Management & Cost Accounting
  • ESL-221 Environmental Studies

Semester IV

  • BBA-401 English (Compulsory)
  • BBA-402 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
  • BBA-403 Financial Management
  • BBA-404 Production and Operations Management
  • BBA-405 Business Environment
  • BBA-406 Operations Research
  • ESL-222 *Environmental Studies–II Qualifying)
  • BBA-408 Seminar

Scheme for BBA Part-III

  • BBA-301 English (Compulsory)
  • BBA-302 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Punjab Historyand Culture
  • BBA-303 Management Techniques and Services
  • BBA-304 Computer Applications for Business –III
  • BBA-305 Business Laws
  • BBA-306 Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • BBA-307 Indian Economy and Business Environment
  • BBA-308 Any one of the Following:-
  • Option (i) Personnel Management Option (ii) Production Management
    Option (iii) Marketing Management Option (iv) Operations Research
  • BBA-309 Viva-Voce