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Dual Degree Programme

The students can opt for various U.G.C. sponsored Add-On Courses and various vocational courses along with their three-years degree course and acquire two degrees in the span of one year. The student gets a separate certificate/diploma issued by the university for doing and of these courses, which have additional educational and vocational value. The student can opt for any one of the following Add-On Course™.

  • Cosmetology and Beauty Culture
  • Journalism and Mass Media.
  • Apparel Designing (Fashion Designing)
  • Health Care and Education in Early Years
  • Marketing and Public Relations.
  • Banking Services.
  • Insurance and Risk Management.
  • Web-Designing and Office Automation
  • Communication Skills in English.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Computer Aided Accounting.
  • Textile designing.
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Event Management.

There will be Three Parts of the Course :

  • Part I of the course entitles the student of get CERTIFICATE.
  • Part II & III of the course entitles the student to get DIPLOMA and ADVANCED DIPLOMA RESPECTIVELY.